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Our Story

From hardware, to clothing,

Our journey began in 1965

In April of 1965 Shop-O-Rama was formed in Draffenville as primarily a hardware store.  Through the years the store added more space and added more variety which included men’s and women’s clothing, work boots, giftware, etc.  In 2021, the store underwent major changes to the exterior and interior of the store to update it and add to the already unique flavor.

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Our digital presence was born with our

eCommerce website in 2016

After launching an online website and marketplace around 2016, the online offering was limited to the Orgill hardware catalog and did not include any of the clothing, or giftware in the store.  In January 2021, the 65 & Oak Boutique was formed to market those items and increase market share.  The boutique will be geared for girls and ladies looking for younger styles and different looks.

Blending our roots with our passion

The old and the new

Shop-O-Rama started in Draffenville in 1965.  Fifty-six years later we have just completed a storefront renovation with oak timbers being a big part of the design.  So, we felt the name of the boutique should somehow bring the old and the new together and we came up with 65 & Oak!  Visit us in-store and online.  We think you’ll like it!

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